Friday, May 05, 2006

Recumbent Bicycles

What with $3 gas and everything, I have a renewed interest in biking. I got our bikes out of storage, but it's just so normal. And it makes my hands hurt after a while. My dad and I built a recumbent bike out of electrical conduit back in high school, and I rode that thing everywhere ,even though it had to have weighed more than 50 lbs. (Going uphill fast really not an option). I've been looking at various homebuilt options, and am especially intrigued by some that allow you to hook 2 of them together to build a little bike-car that can also tote kids and groceries. I suppose my vision of the whole family pedaling to the grocery store or out to eat probably looks better in my head than it would work out in real life, but here are the contenders:

The $18 Recumbent. 2 thriftstore bikes, 1 hacksaw, front wheel drive. Probably not going to get Trisha on one of these. (or any of the front-wheel drives). But I do like the fact that it's got a short chain.

Like the above, only with more welding involved.

And then the bike car options. There are also other "quadracycle" things available, but they seem to be more suitable for a beach boardwalk - fun, but you're not going to get anywhere very quickly.

Both of those can also have electric motors attached, which would cut down on the pain of hills.

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