Saturday, June 09, 2007

Grr. Arrgh.

The bike part of the bike car is turning out to be significantly harder than anticipated. After the electric runs, I got the crank installed and the chain on, and took it up the driveway. Chain falls off. Tried again. Chain falls off. It was really hard to pedal (turns out I bought a too big big chainring for the front). Oh, and don't weld 6 dollar chainrings. They fold up like a taco.

So I got a smaller chainring off one of the junk bikes and bolted it on. Easier to pedal, chain falls off. By this time I notice that the shaft outside of the bike is really bent. Ok, it's going to need some support outside of the chainring. Order another bearing, wait a few days.

Got that bearing on tonight, take the back derailleur off (it so does not need any gears other than "low"). Take it up the driveway. Chain does not fall off! Crank breaks at a weld. Arrgh. Now I need to go through and solidify the crank. And probably get a yet-smaller chainring.


Keath said...

Sorry to hear about the frustrations. Perhaps you could take the $6 chainring and weld some other scrap parts inside it and sell it as a scrap metal taco? You know, like those scrap metal dogs and cats they sell at garden stores that aren't actually made from scrap metal any more, but used to be, before they got mass marketed as die cast jobbies? You could revolutionize father's day as dad's across the country receive scrap metal renderings of assorted Mexican delicacies.

Paul said...

Hi Ies, How about a jackshaft and a crank salvaged of a bike? than you could really gear it down.You could also get rid of the outside bearing.I have some thoughts on mounting the crank.I wish we could exchange drawings. Dad

Paul said...

after looking at your pics again a jackshaft could be mounted under the seat. That would make for a short chain to the wheel and leave the front open for the crank.