Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yes, yes, hell yes

Mad progress. Crank is all welded up and pretty straight. It's mounted in the bearings and on the bike. Seat position is pretty set, it's nice and low in the frame, but I did weld on 2 more rails in case I want it higher in the future.

The steering works great, which is just awesome. It involves a 90 degree transfer of motion via an angle bracket, which is an idea I got from tracker organs (although I'm sure it's used anywhere you need to transfer motion from one direction to another). A rare example of an old hobby coming in handy in a new one. It's via a lever - forward for right, back for left.

And, as soon as I had the steering set up, I couldn't help but take it out into the night for a test drive with just the electric wheel. It. is. the. bomb. The wheel pushes it along just great, and even up a little incline. It stops on hills, but that's what the pedals are for. It's a blast already. I can't wait to get the chain and brakes on it.


Bonnie said...

That is very cool, Sonnis!! Can just picture you putt-putting up your street in the night...all stealth 'n' stuff!

So, since part of it was an old mic. stand, couldn't you work some kind of PA system into it somehow? Cause I think it'd be *really* cool if you could disturb the peace just a little, as you help green the earth by peddaling rather than driving, don't you agree??!!! :)

Ceridwen said...

That is ruling. I may need to commission one for tooling around campgrounds.

David said...

Oh yeah, that is mad progress! It looks amazing!

Don't think Bonnie would be able to dump this bike!

OW- SNAP! That's mean! Sorry.

But she could be your PA system!

Ow- snap! again ... sorry

Thanks for the nice big pix and the update. I'm sure your microphone stand is proudly looking down upon this from wherever dead microphone stands go after they die and stuff. Like, y'know?