Saturday, February 23, 2008

From Here I Shall Compose My Manifesto

There comes a time in every man's life when he realizes that the house he provides for his family has, in fact, no room in it where he may keep jars of paint and X-acto knives lying around. Since this house doesn't have a basement, and the garage is just a little chilly/hot in the winter/summer, I used the existing shelves and hanging storage shelves in the garage and attached some studs to them. I bought some fine fake cherry paneling for the inside, and will insulate the walls.

This will give me a 9x9x7 cubish space in which to work on fiddly things, woodshed my guitar, and hang my fishing trophies. Since it's so small, I expect that a small heater and window a/c unit should keep it comfy all year round. I call it my ice fishing shack.


Anonymous said...

Your gee-tar needs a stand.

Iestyn Lewis said...

That's garage guitar. Garage guitar doesn't need no stinking stand. Garage guitar has heavy strings, high action, and is tuned to Open G-ish. Garage guitar is played with a 1/2 inch socket for a slide, and accompanied by "BEEN DOWN SO GODDAMNED LONG THAT IT FEELS LIKE UP TO ME". Garage guitar likes it in the garage. Yes.

Sara said...

Ben will be glad to know that a shop need only be 9x7, since I know this will come up in our house in the very near future.

Were you not tempted to go for the more long & skinny shop space based on a workbench, though?

Iestyn Lewis said...

Well, I'll still have space outside for woodworking. The ice hut is more for less dusty activities (model rockets, soldering, etc.).