Wednesday, January 28, 2009

open mic night - w00t!

Finally got back to open mic night at the coffeehouse last night. This time my neighbor Benn and I played together - we only got to do 3 songs (out of the 5 we had ready), which is actually a good thing, because there were probably 12 groups wanting to play, so they were moving everyone along. It's really thriving. I think we did well, and there were some great people playing. Half the people from our street showed up, which was pretty great, next time we'll have to hire a bus.

Always amazing, after a string of middle-aged guys, to have 2 high school girls get up there and just kill. Your mind gets used to what "singing" sounds like, and then someone gets up there with an actual set of pipes and blows your hair back - it's cool.

We played Desire by Ryan Adams, Woman Across the River by the Allman Brothers, and Dance, Dance, Dance by Steve Miller.


Alissa said...

I'll bet that you guys ROCKED IT!!!

Ceridwen said...

It's cool that your whole neighborhood is into it. Shawn Terrace Party Bus!

Anonymous said...

did you pass your "sound nothing like yourself" rule?

Iestyn Lewis said...

If by "nothing like yourself" you mean "a phantasmic combination of Barry White and Steve Perry", then, yes. BTW, the KR PS2 discs are getting a lot of play these days.