Thursday, April 23, 2009

vinyl love

I've been expanding my small collection of records with lots of trips to the 3 local thrift stores. It's good cheap fun. You have to get a certain amount of buying horrible records out of your system ("just because it's so cheesy!"). After buying a Judy Garland double LP set with 20 page career retrospective booklet, I now officially only buy decent stuff.

Records are a great format for combating ADD - I don't feel compelled to skip songs, and they're just more fun to listen to than CDs. In addition to the LPs, my wife has a bunch of 45s from her 80s childhood - hell yeah, You Belong To The City. We alsoo inherited a ton of song and story 45s from my brother in law, so I just had to go get the kids their own record player.

Here A prepares to drop the needle on a phat Sesame Street cut. I'm oddly proud that they have no idea what a Wii is, but A knows to handle records only on their edges and the difference between 45 and 33 rpm.

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Ceridwen said...

That's ruling! Did you get any Johnny Cash?