Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I live by a river

Oh yeah... In response to my previous nonsense about dewcatchers, I realized that I live very near to a major river (which is flowing 3.2 billion gallons daily to feed sturgeons and mussels, and a power plant). So surely with a garden hose, an electric pump, pickup water tank and water purifier, I could form my own water utility. I wonder how many pickups with the same idea you'll find at Jones Bridge Park if this really does go as badly as it could. Or maybe we'll all just go down to the river to wash our clothes and bathe.

Or maybe Perdue will send the GA National Guard to secure Lake Lanier against the US Army Corps of Engineers. That's a graphic demonstration of state vs. federal rights for ya. (yes, I know the lake is a federally built reservoir, etc., etc.).

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